Open government

The Administration decided PPA

a) The suspension of 1/1/2010, the site of PPA on the Internet (, for ensuring widespread publicity and transparency of all operations and decisions of the management of the Company (Board, CEO , Management Council) and authorized by these official bodies and / or directors, relating to:

1. Acts and items subject to disclosure pursuant to Article 7a, 7b and 7c of 2190/1920 (Statutes and amendments thereto, appoint persons engaged in the management, representation and tactical control of the Company, setting up the body of the Company etc.).

2. Budgets, accounts, balance sheets and general annual and interim financial statements.

3. Annual and / or five-year investment plan.

4. Annual Report, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

5. Notices selection, including notices on choice and fill managerial positions, and notices choice advocates.

6. Scoreboards notices personnel selection, where provided by law.

7. Abstracts notice, invitations to tender, calls for expressions of interest, decisions to perform procedures and operations and procurement award studies, construction projects, supplies, services, concessions space use or dispose of assets, financial issues more than 36.000 €.

8. Regulation on the Internal Organization and Operation of General Services and Personnel Rules.

9. Regulations and tariffs, and amendments thereto, relating to service users of the Port of Piraeus and transactions with PPA.

10. Acts setting up paid or unpaid commissions, working groups, project teams and relevant advisory bodies or other jurisdiction.

11. Agendas of meetings of the management body.

12. News and Press Releases Administration.

b) posting that information on the Internet and the organization of search information will be subject to the rules to protect the individual from the processing of personal data and subject to compliance with the rules of intellectual property and corporate or other secrets out specific provisions

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