Wi-Fi at port

Wi-Fi στο Λιμάνι

Connect to the Internet wirelessly, fast and FREE from all the main port of Piraeus

How do I sign?

To login you must be within the Passenger Port of Piraeus and gain access via a Laptop, PDA or other device capable of WLAN (WiFi 802.11) and the Web Browser set your device to surf the web (internet) .


Make sure that your equipment has the appropriate wireless card. If necessary, check the settings according to the following:

Instructions for Windows

1. Set up a connection to Piraeus Port WI-FIApo the Start / Control Panel / Network Connections / right click on "wireless network connection" and choose "View available wireless networks". Select the SSID of the network Piraeus Port WI-FI to connect to Piraeus Port WI-FI Hotspot. Make sure the security is not active.

2. Configuring the Microsoft Internet Browser ExplorerApo select Tools / Internet Options / Connections, the "LAN Settings" window, open the "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings". They should be selected below:

- "Use a proxy server for your LAN"
- "Use automatic configuration script"
- "Automatically detect settings"