Provision of high standard certified services


Piraeus Port Authority SA (PPA SA) was first certified by Lloyd’s Register (LR) to the internationally recognised quality management system ISO 9001 and environment management system ISO 14001 in 2013 for the provision of Port Cruise Services. In 2018, the certification scope was extended to cover the provision of Port, Ferry, Ro-Ro and Container Terminal Services as well as the Management of Logistics centre and the management of port construction and maintenance projects. In 2020, the scope of certification was extended again to include a number of additional key activities with regards to the Ship Repair activities and the management of co-funded projects, such as the Cruise South Expansion Project.

With this last extension of certification’s scope, PPA has achieved the certification as per ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 for all its activities:

  • Provision of Port Cruise, Ferry, Ro-Ro and Container Terminal Services.
  • Management of Logistics center.
  • Provision of Dry Docking Services for the Repair of Vessels ( Two (2) Graving Docks at Akti Vasiliadi and three (3) Floating Docks at Perama Ship Repair Zone) and sub-concessions of berthing posts and land space for the repair of vessels (Perama Ship Repair Zone, Drapetsona Pier, DEI Pier).
  • Port construction and maintenance projects management.
  • Management for the Implementation of co-funded projects characterized as Public ones:

-       Technical Infrastructure Works,

-       Procurement contracts andServices.

Also, in 2020, PPA SA achieved its initial certification as per ISO 50001:2018 standard for its energy management for all its activities.

PPA invests in management systems recognized and applied worldwide, demonstrating its strong commitment to best practice for quality, environmental and energy management. The ultimate aim is continual improvement and operational excellence across its very broad scope of activity.

Through the Integrated Quality, Environmental & Energy Management System that is applied in line with the standards requirements, PPA SA works in a consistent way to understand customers’ needs and expectations, continually improve the level of services provided, address the environmental challenges emerged in daily operation and improve the energy performance.

According to PPA's Quality - Environmental - Energy Policy the company is committed to improving the quality of the provided services, the environmental and energy performance and setting quality, environmental & energy objectives to address risks and opportunities, significant environmental aspects and significant energy uses. These objectives are continuously monitored and reviewed.

PPA SA has adopted new processes and procedures for considering energy performance improvement opportunities during the design of new facilities and activities, the upgrade of current facilities and the renewal and upgrade of equipment according to its Masterplan. Τhe use of alternative energy types and their deployment at the new infrastructure are also under consideration.

Risks and opportunities are defined through systematic analysis of internal and external issues. Significant environmental aspects are defined through assessment of the impact port activities pose or may pose to the environment. Significant energy uses are defined through Annual Energy Reviews.

Within each year, Management Reviews are performed by the Top Management in order to assess the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality, Environmental & Energy Management System through the achievement of objectives and to decide on any corrective actions needed to ensure continual improvement.

In this framework, also internal and external auditors perform regular audits in order to evidence compliance and conformance with the standards requirements and the effectiveness of actions.

At the same time, PPA SA through the certification according to these three (3) standards also contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals