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Piraeus is the largest port in Europe and one of the largest in the world concerning passenger traffic. It has a throughput volume of about 20 million passengers per annum (including the ferry traffic Salamis – Perama, which has a throughput volume of about 8 million passengers per year). It is the main link between the mainland and the Aegean islands and Crete, while also being the main sea gate of the European Union at its southeastern edge. The boundaries of the Main Port are the piers of Themistocles and Krakari.

The Passenger Port is divided into areas that serve coasting and crusing.


The anthropocentric nature of the services of the central port is a basic choice of PPA SA. In this context, an attempt is made to continuously upgrade services:                         

       - Digital information displays for passengers, indoors and outdoors 

- Pedestrian bridge 

- Electric signs and free transport service within the port 

- Improvement of passenger terminals- renovation of the passenger terminal at Tzelepis coast (approved). 

- Construction of 2 WCs which also include WCs for the disabled 

- Construction of waiting areas with air conditioning and water coolers 

- Renovation of 6 canteens 

- 3 km path for the disabled


- Reconstruction of a 350m2 area at Kononos street


-  130 parking spaces

- 13 taxi stations

- 2 vehicle control points

- Allignment and boundary settings for traffic control

- Free Wi-Fi service

- 24 hour telephone service at 14541