Logistics Center

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 The Piraeus Port Authority to serve the general cargo goods transported by truck T.I.R. lorries, as well as those moving to containers, but also train wagons, special features Terminal with warehouse complex at Keratsini of Piraeus (former ODDY area).

The competitive advantages of the Logistics Center of PPA are:

  • The link facility space of warehouses with the National road network, whether the Nat. Road Athens - Corinth and consequently the Nat. Highway Corinth - Patras, either Nat. Road Athens - Lamia, able to facilitate all the business of road transportation and forwarding companies.
  • The ease of connection with the urban fabric of the whole of Attica through avenues Andreas Papandreou (from Piraeus to Keratsini), Republic (from Piraeus to Perama), Salamis - P.Ralli (from Keratsini to Nice), Gr. (From Keratsini up nat. Road Athens - Lamia) Schistou (from Keratsini to nat. Road Athens - Corinth) capability that facilitates the work and cost of receivers - importers in terms of rapid delivery and / or distribution of the goods to processors and / and retail sale of Attica.
  • The comfort and safety of circulation and parking in the area of warehouses due to the large outdoor fenced the area, able to facilitate the work of TIR drivers.
  • The ease of transport, storage and distribution of goods coming from or destined for ships, railway or airport, enhancing capabilities combined transport and intermodal transport chain, as well as reduce the time and cost of imports and exports. 
  • The direct vicinity of the Customs Services, G.CH.K., S.Y.K.E. etc., able to facilitate the work of customs officers and customs agents, and also reduces the time and costs of customs procedures and receive of goods.
  • The immediate service.
  • The reliable and seamless operation.
  • The certification according ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018.

After the completion of the project of the underground road connection of the Commercial Port of Piraeus with the area of the Logistics Center (former ODDY area - Keratsini), it will be possible to immediately transfer goods from / to the Port, without delays and additional bureaucratic procedures.