Real estate

Real estate information:

PPA SA has areas and buildings in the portal region and non-portal regions which are available for concession. The usual concessions are as follows:

- Warehouses for food-supplies and general usage. Facilities: unrestricted 24hour loading and handling of goods. WC. Controlled entrance. Electricity supply.
- Outdoor areas for canteens.
- Cafes and Canteens.
- Outdoor areas for ticket kiosks / Ticket kiosks.
- Outdoor areas for kiosks, isoboxes and ATMs.
- Outdoor areas for various usage / Indoor areas / Offices / Stores.
- Plots of land and buildings for lease.
For any further information regarding the procedures for a PPA concession, kindly contact PPA Property Management Sector, tel. 0030 210 4550138 / 0030 210 4550149 and email: [email protected].


PPA SA Underground Car Parking at Karaiskaki Square

The underground car parking of PPA SA at Karaiskaki Square has a capacity of 700 slots, located in the center of the passenger port of Piraeus and serves all domestic routes, while located about 200 meters from both the railway station and the shopping center. It operates 24 hours a day, weekdays and holidays.

Price List in euros (prices include 24% VAT)



First hour: 5 euros

Second hour till eleventh hour: 1 euro per hour

After 11 hours, parking charge is not per hour but reverts to the 24 hour charge.

24 hours charge: 15 euros

Monthly fee: 110 euros

Annual fee (in advance payment): 1.200 euros

6-month fee (in advance payment): 600 euros, 3-month fee (in advance payment): 300 euros

Corporate package for min. 10 cars: 100 euros per car per month.



per day: 6 euros

per month: 50 euros