PPA S.A.: Release of the 2023 Sustainability Report
28 Jun 2024

PPA S.A.: Release of the 2023 Sustainability Report




PPA S.A.: Release of the 2023 Sustainability Report


01 July 2024. Piraeus Port Authority S.A., adhering to systematic rules, standards and initiatives for environmental, social and corporate governance, which are embedded in its strategy for the development and ongoing modernization of the Port of Piraeus, has published its 2023 Sustainability Report.

While achieving its core business objectives of establishing a modern, resilient and competitive company that offers high-level services across all port activities, PPA S.A. simultaneously and systematically implements its ESG action plan. This plan ensures that actions are balanced across the three pillars on an annual basis.

Indicatively, in 2023, the company contributed over 500 thousand euros to corporate responsibility initiatives and social support actions, while the total energy consumption decreased by 7% compared to 2022.

The CEO of PPA S.A., Mr. Su Xudong, underlined the importance of ESG reporting, stating that for ensuring a strong and resilient company over time, sustainable development is the only path. According to the CEO, economic growth and progress must necessarily go hand in hand with environmental protection and giving back to society. Therefore, the company has long been implementing its comprehensive program, which includes preventive measures for the protection of the environment, sustainable practices, as well as various actions to support society and vulnerable individuals, and to enhance and develop employees through transparency and good corporate governance.

The 2023 Report, accessible on the company's website, provides detailed insights into Piraeus Port Authority S.A.'s goals, actions and achievements across each action pillar.

Finally, it is highlighted that PPA S.A. has received recognition for the third consecutive year as one of Greece's most sustainable companies from the QualityNet Foundation, based on its annual assessment and performance in the three ESG pillars.