Completion of the in-port freight car transport station project by ERGOSE SA in the N.Ikonio car-terminal

Piraeus, 25.07.2013

Press Release

       The completion of the in-port freight car transport station project by ERGOSE SA in the N.Ikonio car-terminal, was certified by the personal presence of the President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, and the CEO of ERGOSE SA, Mr. Costas Spilopoulos, accompanied by administrative and technical staff of the two companies and the company "Aktor", which built the project.
      The project is the culmination of the contract works between OSE SA and PPA SA to build two in-port railway stations, one for transporting containers and one for car transportation.
      The new railway station is the terminus of the railway track, with a length of 17 km, which connects the commercial port of Piraeus Port Authority SA with Thriasian freight center of OSE SA and the national rail network.
      For the exploitation of the new terminal, according to the Agreement between OSE and PPA, PPA is responsible as the exclusive transshipment manager.
      The opening of the new in-port railway station car shuttle will be in September, when it will start the operation of the new station through signing of agreements between car companies, PPA and TRAINOSE. As is known, in a meeting held at PPA HQ before four months, between all users, a considerable interest was manifested in using the new network. With this project, the PPA and its subsidiary company “Combined Transportations” (Logistics SA) is expected to operate in one more dynamic sector of the port industry. PPA SA, despite the crisis, has dynamically expanded work in the area of car transportation (car-terminal), making the Port of Piraeus an international car-terminal hub in the Mediterranean.