Decisions of the Board of Directors of PPA SA on 28.08.2013

Piraeus, 29.08.2013

Press Release

The Board of Directors of PPA SA, in the context of corporate social responsibility, has decided:
(a) To give a grant of €100.000 for the function of the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, whose renovation has already been completed by the Region of Attica, and which will operate under the responsibility of the municipality.
(b) To participate with €50.000 in the preparation of the file for the claim to the headquarters of the Cultural Capital of Europe 2021 by the Municipality of Piraeus and Salamis.
As is known, the proposal of PPA since 2011 is to highlight the celebration of the 2.500 years since the Battle of Salamis in 2021 as a central political and cultural event of the wider Piraeus and Attica Region, with which the municipalities of Piraeus and Salamis can claim to become the Cultural capital of Europe.
(c) The re-approval of construction of the Public Health Center by the Municipality Keratsini- Drapetsona within the statutory land port area of PPA SA in the range of former ODDY ( N.Ikonio to Schisto ) on a surface area of 3.967.50sqm.
(d) The undertaking by PPA SA and PCT SA of a separate Memorandum of construction at the port of Perama of the Armos and Marina E’ within the framework of the original agreement after the new selected position for the relocation of the oil installations in Pier III, which allows to fully develop the Armos port to the benefit of the residents of the Municipality of Perama.
For the above items (a) and (b) it has been agreed with the Mayor of Piraeus and Board Member of PPA SA, Mr. Vassilis Michaloliakos, to have a meeting with the Municipality and PPA SA at the Piraeus City Hall on the coming Thursday, September 5th 2013.