Corporate Announcements

Piraeus Port Authority SA informs interested parties that because the necessary quorum, in accordance with the Law and the articles of the Association, was not achieved in the Annual General Assembly of  Shareholders of May 16, 2011, the items of the Agenda were not discussed.
Invitation to the Shareholders of the Societe Anonyme with the name “Piraeus Port Authority Societe Anonyme” and with distinctive title “PPA S.A.” to the Annual General Meeting
Today, 19/4/2011, took place the analysts briefing from the Management of Piraeus Port Authority SA at the Association of Institutional Investors, in accordance with the A.S.E Regulation.
Piraeus Port Authority S.A announces the financial calendar for the year 2010:
Piraeus Port Authority announces that Mr, Nikos Moustakis, economist, executive member of the Company Board of Directors and Deputy Managing Director, was resigned for personal reasons.
The Board of Directors of P.P.A. S.A. on 14/3/2011 approved the Company’s Annual Financial Reports for the full year of 2010. From the Report, the following arise...
Piraeus Port Authority SA announces that the Board of Directors at its meetings, decided
There are no translations available. The BoD President and CEO of P.P.A. SA George Anomeritis characterized the financial year of 2010