Corporate Announcements

Financial Statements for the 3rd quarter 2013
Negotiations have been completed for the Draft Agreement B’ Modification of the Concession Agreement of 2008 between PPA SA and PCT SA, in which the  two sides reached after the MoU and the practical of procedures, which were signed in June and August of 2013.
In response to comment made in the press, PPA as a Societe Anonyme listed on the Athens Stock Exchange notifies that, has no debt to the government, the National Insunce Contribution (IKA) and other insurance funds
In order to enlarge the container terminal of the commercial port of Piraeus, the administrations of PPA SA and SEP SA co-formulated a practical procedures amicable settlement, which will be shown to the Boards of Directors of both companies the week after next.
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. pursuant to the provisions of the Law 3556/2007, announces the notification received on 17.10.2013 from Lansdowne Partners International Limited
Increased profit before taxes by 92.54% (€ 3.729.941 compared to € 1.937.186 in 2012) and increased profit after taxes by 208.64% (€ 3.456.897 compared to 1.120.048 in 2012) recorded in the first half of 2013 Piraeus Port Authority SA (PPA). The results of the first semester 2013 are the best after 2007, as the financial performance of the company is constantly improving. The third quarter 2013 is expected to be even more positive in revenues and profitability due to cruise.
The Chairman and CEO of PPA S.A.,Mr Yiorgos Anomeritis today at the meeting of the Directors Board his satisfactionabout the decision by the European Commission for approval of the project of expanding the southern port cruise cofinancing from Community, national resources and own funds of PPA.
The Company in accordance with the Athens Exchange Regulation announces that on Friday 28/6/2013, took place at its headquarters the Annual Regular General Meeting of shareholders of PPA S.A. <hr id="system-readmore"
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. announces that, according to the Article of the Athens Exchange Regulation and following the decision of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders on 28 June 2013, the dividend for the financial year 2012 amounts to 0.05 euros per share, which dividend is subject to 25% withholding tax, according to the Law 3943/2011 and therefore the net final amount payable will be 0.0375 Euro per share.
Following the approval by the P.P.A SA, Annual General Meeting of shareholders, on 28.06.2013, of the BoD election, Georgakopoulos Georgios, as a non-executive member, representative of employees, in replacement of Mr Balabanidis Efstratios, who had retired, and the election of Ms Elsa Argiropoulou, as a representative of shareholders in replacement of Mr Antonios Koliopoulos, the new Board of Directors is as follows