Corporate Announcements

10 May 2022. PPA S.A. announces the acceptance of the resignation of the Board of Directors member Mr. FENG Bo Ming, without replacing for the rest of the term of present BoD, given that current BoD composition meets the Law requirements 4706/2020 and fully covers the appropriate and proper exercise of BoD responsibilities, with effective date April 29, 2022.
PPA S.A. Held annual Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association briefing
14 Apr 2022
April 14, 2022. The annual briefing on the company’s 2021 yearly financial results to the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association was held via teleconference in the presence of PPA’s CFO, Ms. Li Jin, as well as 24 analysts and representatives of investment companies.
22 March 2022. Following the Greek Supreme Court recent decision about Greece Port Planning and Development Committee’s former Port of Piraeus’ Master Plan approvals, which affect the Cruise Terminal Expansion Project by temporary pausing the construction operations, PPA SA would like to inform on the following:
14 March 2022. PPA S.A. announces the financial results for the year 2021 with an annual turnover of € 154.2 million compared to € 132.9 million in 2020, recording an increase of € 21,3 million or 16%.
Piraeus, March 1st, 2022. Piraeus Port Authority S.A. announces the financial calendar for the year 2022:
November, 24th 2021. In response to the letter of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission with protocol number 2596/ 09.11.2021 in the context of informing the investing public about the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19, "PIRAEUS PORT AUTHORITY S.A." presents the basic financial for the nine months of the current year which are unaudited by a certified auditor, and the general developments in its activity.
November 16th, 2021. Piraeus Port Authority announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of PPA S.A. took place in the company’s offices on Thursday November 16th, 2021 via teleconference. In the General Meeting participated shareholders representing 20,706,958 shares out of 25,000,000 shares, or percentage 82.83% of issued share capital. The General Meeting after discussion took the following decisions:
November 15, 2021. Pursuant to the provisions of Law 3556/2007, Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (hereinafter “PPA”), announces the below notification received from Helikon Investments Limited on November 11, 2021:
October 25, 2021. In accordance with the law and the Articles of Association of the Company, and the decision of its Board of Directors on 20 October 2021, shareholders of “PIRAEUS PORT AUTHORITY SΟCIETE ANONYME” are invited to participate remotely in real-time via teleconference at the Extraordinary General Assembly, which will take place on Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 11:00, in order to discuss and decide on the following items of the agenda:
October 25, 2021.- PPA S.A. announces that the Board of Directors, taking into account, the resignation letters of BoD members Mr. Ioannis Moralis and Mr. Apostolos Papapostolou, (due to the change in the shareholder structure of the company (as a result of the 16% transfer of the Company’s capital share from HELLENIC REPUBLIC ASSET DEVELOPMENT FUND S.A. (HRADF) to COSCO SHIPPING HONG KONG Co., Limited) and the subsequent entitlement of HRADF to designate one (1) Director in the PPA SA…