Corporate Announcements

15 June 2023. PPA S.A. announces that the Annual General Meeting of the Company's shareholders will not be held on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023.  
8 May 2023. PPA S.A. announces: A. Following the submission of a relevant letter, the acceptance of the resignation of the member of the Board of Directors Mr. ZHU Jianhui. 
24.04.2023. The Piraeus Port Authority S.A. is informing that the basic financial data for the first quarter of the current period ended 31/03/2023 and the general developments in each activity, will be announced on Monday, 24th April 2023.  
PPA S.A.: Announcement of Financial Results for fiscal year 2022 to the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association
31 Mar 2023
31 March 2023. The company announced full year results for fiscal year 2022 to the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association, which was held at the Athens Stock Exchange, by representatives of the Company's Management headed by CFO Ms. Li Jin.
PPA S.A.: Financial results for the Full Year 2022 - A new historic record high in revenue and profitability - At €1.04 the proposed dividend per share
17 Mar 2023
17 March 2023. PPA S.A. announces the Full Year 2022 financial results, marking a consecutive year of growth with a turnover of €194.6 million compared to €154.2 million in 2021, indicating an increase of €40.4 million or 26.2%.
Piraeus, 06.03.2023. Piraeus Port Authority S.A. announces the financial calendar for the year 2023:
Piraeus, 24.11.2022. PPA S.A. announces the assignment of responsibilities to Top Management members, as follows:
 1.Revenue, Earnings before income tax and interest (EBIT) and depreciation (EBITDA) for the third quarter of 2022 and on a cumulative basis as well as the corresponding comparative figures of 2021.
13 October 2022. PPA S.A. announces the acceptance of the resignation of Mr. Weng Lin from Deputy CEO position.