Press Releases

The President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. Yiorgos Anomeritis, presented at a press conference, the results for 2011 for the cruise sector of PPA SA and the cruise policies of the Organization for the coming years.
07/12/2011 Mr. G. Anomeritis, President and CEO of PPA SA, and Mr. Stavros Hatzakos, Director of Administration and President of MedCruise, participated in the Seatrade Winter Cruising Forum in Istanbul. The interest of this year's Forum focused on Greece and the Mediterranean, exploring the possibilities of organizing winter cruise itineraries by the cruise market. Major cruise companies had bilateral meetings with PPA SA, regarding the cruise market in 2013 and 2014 and the policies to be implemented for the growth…
 05/12/2011 Following the request from the participants in the process: The date for the submission of proposals has been postponed to Monday, April 2nd, 2012.
01/12/2011 The meetings of PPA SA with Korean representatives, during a Greek-Korean Conference held in Athens, were successfully completed with the visit of a Korean multi-member delegation to the cruise facilities of PPA SA. During the meetings, executives of PPA presented the investment plan of the Authority as well as the broader development opportunities which are available. The meetings were attended by Representatives of the Hyundai Corporation, the Hanwha Corporation, the Korean Reinsurance Company, the Korea Exchange and Hanwha Europe.
The Board of PPA SA unanimously adopted the Financial Statements for the period 01.01.2011 to 09.30.2011 (nine months of 2011) which were prepared under International Financial Reporting Standards.
With a large delegation of officials of the Multicultural Committee of the Municipality of Beijing and the Bureau of Regional Press Journalists Association met the President and CEO of PPA SA Mr. George Anomeritis, at the Headquarters of PPA S.A.
The use of space in N. Konya has been granted by a decision of the Board of PPA S.A; in order that SEP S.A. (COSCO) may install a photovoltaic park.
PPA SA is now one of the nine (9) European Ports, which are certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping according to the European Standard for Environmental Management (PERS)
A cooperation agreement was signed in Piraeus, between PPA S.A. and the international shipping company MSC S.A., concerning the service of its transportation’ s work /container traffic at the facilities of Pier I of PPA S.A.
PPA S.A. has completed the installation of a fiber optic network covering the entire port area.